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Twintervention Recap: Episode 1

| June 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

TLC debuted a new show called “Twintervention” Wednesday night at 10/9 c. “Twintervention” introduces us to three sets of identical twins– Chicago twins, Danielle and Nicole, Texas twins, Jonathan and Thomas, and Los Angeles twins, Debbie and Lisa. While they may all live in different areas of the country, vary in age and interests, all three sets of twins share one thing in common: the need for a twintervention!

First we meet Danielle and Nicole, 38. Today, although Nicole has been married for twelve years, the two still share the same tastes in makeup, clothes, and just about everything else. They are so close that they finish each other’s sentences, feel psychically connected to the point of feeling each other’s pain, and Danielle has even been living with Nicole and her husband for the past three years. However, Nicole’s husband is unhappy with the arrangement, having vetoed Danielle’s move in the first place, but losing out when the twins moved Danielle in while Nicole’s husband was at work.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Jonathan and Thomas are twin brothers who are with each other from sun up to sun down, having shared a room their whole lives. They do just about everything together, including working out, eating, brushing their teeth and working together. However, Thomas has thrown a wrench into the brothers idyllic lives by getting more serious with his girlfriend. Things become tense when he wants to move her into the twins’ one bedroom apartment.

And over in Los Angeles, Lisa lives with her twin sister Debbie and Debbie’s husband. The sisters have been dressing the same since they were young, although their mother would dress one twin in a slightly darker version of the same outfit in order to tell the twins apart. Lisa and Debbie have only been apart for a few days throughout their entire lives and it is apparent that Debbie is completely satisfied with this arrangement, while Lisa, who has been dating her boyfriend Joe for a year, is conflicted with the urge to seek her own independence away from Debbie.

Twin Life Magazine’s Jenna Goodman and Nicole Gsell both tuned in, and share their thoughts with us.


I loved seeing the outsider perspective on these intense twin relationships. Todd’s plea of “Who Gets Nicole?” seemed to sum up his frustrations with the triangle relationship between him and the two girls. Nicole has the perfect package – integrating married life with twin life. But Todd isn’t married to Danielle, and Nicole is in the middle. Issues of co-dependency and separation anxiety are common in all the sets of twins we see tonight. It’s interesting that even in their young adulthoods, there is an issue of co-dependency becoming too much. Twins need to find their own identities, and feel secure doing so. It seems that our multiples on this show have been too scared to hurt the bond with their twin and break apart.

The pairs tonight are all dealing with one twin being in a serious relationship, and the other not-so much. Like with Jonathan and Thomas, who show what it’s like when one twin has a relationship with someone, and it hurts the other twin. The question is: who does the twin spend more time with? 

Lisa and Debbie say at one point: “Everyone goes through this – it’s harder when you are a twin”. It seems our twins recognize that eventually they will need to separate, that one day they won’t live in the same room anymore. But it’s the third party, a significant other, that worries them. If they let someone else into the bond, the relationship will change. 

Living alone, with a partner, or simply apart from one’s twin counterpart  is an opportunity to find one’s own identity. Both twins will be upset by it, but if they are happy in their new situation, hopefully the twin bond will overcome.

Because as Debbie said, a boyfriend does not compare with someone you shared a womb with!



Throughout this hour long special we get to the see the intricate and sometimes very complicated relationship between identical twins who are as closely bonded as these three sets of twins are. It appears there are several similar aspects in all three twin relationships– a dominant twin, a reluctant twin, and an outside relationship that has led to some difficult questions.

Strangely enough, the two twins who are actually married seem to struggle the most with separation anxiety. They are the ones pulling back who are not ready for their twins to move out. On the other hand, the twins who are single are the ones curious about trying out a life independent from their siblings.

Yet, for the twin brothers– the opposite appears to be true– the single twin feels his brother’s girlfriend is tearing them a part. And in the end it is only the brothers who make a significant change in their lives, with Thomas moving in with his girlfriend after an attempt to live with her and Jonathan in the one bedroom apartment fails.

TLC brings us along to watch the ups, the downs, the struggle to accept change and the idea of separation, and  learn more about the intensity an identical twin relationship can have.

While some of you may think this may be another mindless reality show, it’s actually a fascinating study of the inner workings and thoughts of identical twins. It’s almost as if we’re given the chance to decode the secret language of twins. In our opinion, it’s a show worth watching.

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