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Birthday: Times Two!

| May 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

So, your twins are turning 2 … or 3 … or 10! The birthday celebration is a pivotal one in our kids’ lives, and especially when they’re young, we work hard to make them count. In previous posts, we’ve covered baby showers, holiday celebrations, gender reveal parties — but the birthday is different. Our twins’ jump in age is one day where it’s all about them (you’re probably smirking, adding “one day?!”). But still – to them, “it’s my birthday!”

With twins, the b-day planning takes a little more thought: do you celebrate together or separately, make things matchy-matchy or complementary, do you need to plan for boy-and-girl, does one like zoo animals, but the other is petrified of horses? When planning a mini-fete for your twins, there’s much to plan and seemingly, so little time. But don’t fret – we’ve compiled some great lists of birthday themes for two, and ideas on how to do things a little bit differently.

Elizabeth Lyons of Disney Family suggests keeping it simple: don’t double or triple the guest count just because you’re celebrating for two instead of one; when they’re younger, more people can just get too overwhelming for the kids. She also recommends keeping the party short and filling the time with activities and games to keep everyone busy. And preferably, celebrate before nap time — chances are they’ll all be zonked before you begin to clean up.

Depending on how old your twins are turning, specific themes can be a fun way to bring a true party together. For a more generalized theme, stick to polka dots, balloons, steamers, pinwheels, monograms or the age itself. Have boy/girl twins and stumped on how to decorate for the pair? Go gender neutral with ideas like Noah’s Ark, hugs and kisses, a specific color palette or prince and princess. If your twins love a favorite sport, or they remind you of two characters, consider these suggestions for a Dora/Diego party or a football/cheerleader celebration.

 We love these cute “Happy Birthday to Us” shirts for the birthday boys or girls! And no party is complete without great music, so consider getting a birthday music CD to keep the kids animated.

For a gorgeous twin celebration, and adorable inspiration, you need to see this!

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