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Picnic in the Park

| March 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

Back in February, we commented on the unbelievable weather New England has been experiencing this year in our spring fever write-up. And since then, it has only gotten better. With anxious twins running about, it’s obvious that the outdoors have been a welcomed summon for quite some time. This week, as we just entered spring, we’re reaching up to 80 degrees and loving every second of it. A great weekend activity, or perhaps for a school night change-up, consider taking the twins out for a picnic and to play at the park.

Picnics in general can be lots of fun and there are great ways to make them entertaining for the younger ones. Just the thought of eating on the ground on a blanket can be enough to get them excited! Depending on how many kids you’re bringing along, or what time of day, here are some suggestions to make your spontaneous meal out a memorable one.

What You’ll Need

*Picnic basket, cooler or beach bag
*Large blanket, sheet or tablecloth
*Handi-wipes and napkins
*Disposable plates, cups and silverware
*Plastic bags for trash
*Tupperware for any leftovers
*Sunscreen, insect repellant and band-aids
*Hats for the kids
*A camera
*Sweatshirt (just in case)
*Diaper bag with the essentials (if your kids are younger)

The Menu

Save the gourmet meal for home. Keep it simple and relatively fuss-less. PB&J, ham and cheese, pasta salad and assorted fruit are all super easy to prepare. Think mostly about non-perishable items: drink boxes, trail mix, packaged cheese and crackers, raisins, condiments (if you’re courageous and planning a little picnic BBQ instead). If you’ll be out for the day, definitely bring lots of water — between the heat and activity, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Gabriel Wilson of HubPages compiled a great list of go-to food items for kids of all ages; all quick food choices you’ll love, too.

The Extras

Be prepared that after the kids eat, they’ll get a little antsy and want to know “what’s next?” Kids’ Turn Central recommends packing bubbles and wands, a butterfly net and bug jar, sand pails and shovels, sidewalk chalk, beach ball, binoculars, Frisbee and baseball bat, ball and glove — enough things to cover all the bases.

Picnics can take place anywhere, but a local park allows you room to spread out and also be surrounded by other families and young children. The U.S. National Park Service offers a directory for finding such a place. Just enter your location (or activity) and a handful of parks, recreational facilities and historic sites will come up.


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