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All Aboard!

| March 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

It doesn’t really matter if you’re packing up your car for an overnight with the twins, going for a weekend getaway, or are anticipating a 10-hour car ride before you reach your destination: traveling with twins requires organization and lots of pre-planning.  

We’ve written about air travel before, but what about the extended road trip? Family vacations are a blast, but if you’re unprepared for all the necessities that your twins or multiples will require, your vacation may turn into a nightmare (ever heard of needing a vacation after your vacation? We’ve been there!).  Here we’ve found some helpful advice from experienced moms that will guide you in the right direction.

Before the Trip

You might be thinking “Where to start?” And don’t forget — everything that you pack, needs to get re-packed (which, for whatever reason, always seems like a near impossible feat the second time around).

Tip #1: write down a list of everything you think you’ll need to bring. Cross things off and add to it if you must. Sounds like silly advice but the fact is that seeing the list in print is the best way to track what you need, what you’ve already packed and what you may be able to live without. Go one by one, starting with the twins’ stuff first, but don’t forget to make your own necessities a priority as well (gossip magazines? check! moisturizer? check!).

Debbie Dubrow of Delicious Baby has a great starting list for the basics: clothing, toys and essentials. When it comes to the twins’ clothing, plan on enough outfits for them to wear: two per day + a few extra tees or onesies in case of spills, which will no doubt happen. Layers are your friend, and they help alleviate the bulk of sweaters or large jackets. Pajamas and other comfortable clothing are key when sitting for long periods of time — they may even help your twins snooze more while on the road. Next, the essentials: diapers, wipes, bottles, binkies, snacks. Books and toys are also a must. Your twins will get antsy and any good read or visual will occupy them. For slightly older children a few DVDs with movies are absolute salvation.

For a full list, this checklist by BabyCenter is spot-on, whether you’re traveling with infants or toddlers.

No-Fail Products

Mom blogger and guest writer for Make and Takes, Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant, relies on very specific products when traveling with her kids: ziploc bags, a portable potty, individual suitcases, blankets, laundry items — quarters, OxiClean, dryer sheets, extra bags for groceries, purchased trip items or trash, air fresheners, DVD and cooler full of drinks (snacks, too!).

Our friends over at Magic Beans also have great recommendations for what to bring, and how to prepare for a long trip. A laundry plan is a must, and so too is checking the weather of your go-to location. One thing you may not have thought about: a separate carry-on or activities bag for each child. This is a good way to eliminate bickering and keep things compact.


Just a reminder for all our local parents: Twin Life Magazine and Magic Beans will be hosting their Twin Tuesday Social Hour at Magic Beans tomorrow, March 6th from 11-12 AM in Brookline. Click here for more information. Admission is free.

For a list of great travel toys, courtesy of Delicious Baby, click here.

The perfect travel companion for your twins and all their “stuff”: The Trunki, available at Magic Beans.

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