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Twin Tuesday: Valentine’s Crafts for Twins (part 1)

| January 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

These aren’t your typical valentine’s day crafts! This year we’ve done some digging around to find fun alternatives for your Valentine’s cards, crafts, and gifts this year.

Part 1 of our Valentine’s Day Special will be on cool new crafts you can do with your kids this year.

Multiples and More has posted a really fun Valentine’s craft perfect for your twins:

This Perler Bead necklace was a project that these twins worked on together for someone special in their lives. It’s great to foster that teamwork spirit in your twins whenever you can, and why not when you are making a special gift for someone? Check out the easy instructions online.

This project is also a fun way to play with leftover Perler Beads you may have lying around from other craft projects. With a few simple materials, you and your kids can create wonderful sweet gifts for all the women (young and old) in your lives!

If your twins aren’t that advanced, you can help them create another special craft. At Today’s Mama, one mom posted about an activity she had her twins – one boy and one girl – put together to get their house in the Valentine’s spirit. The Conversational Valentine’s Day Wreath was a great activity to keep the kids occupied, and get them sharing about who they care about, and who cares about them. Have the kids cut the hearts out themselves, or get them pre-assembled for them to glue and decorate with! You can find this craft and more on and as well.

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Of course, Homemade Valentine’s make for the most fun crafts of all, and kids of any ages can make them. From easy to more complex, anyone can make cards.

Here are some inspiring cards and tips from Kaboose on Cardmaking for all ages:

  1. For the easiest version, appropriate for preschoolers, use stickers to decorate or cut out hearts from a different color of construction paper or card stock to glue onto your cards. Experiment with different patterns, florals look great contrasted with stripes on a solid background.
  2. Younger children love glitter! Use a bottle of glue to “draw” on a heart or phrase (such as “Be Mine”). Sprinkle glue generously with pink, red or white glitter and let dry over night. Tap off excess glitter when completely dry.
  3. For the older set, let them use pinking sheers to cut out heart shapes and glue onto cards. Again, use contrasting patterns and colors to create a charming design. (link)
Kids' Valentine's HatPaper Love Bug
There are so many great, unique crafts on Kaboose! Some great options include this Valentine’s Hat, a Paper Love Bug, and this Stained Glass Heart great for Tots or Moms:
Stained-Glass Heart
Check out our twitter feed with the latest links to fantastic twin-inspired projects for Valentine’s Day from our favorite twitter fans. And next week, look out for our Valentine’s Post for the Moms – gift ideas, breakfast in bed treats, and much more!
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