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Organizing With Twins: The Bedroom

| January 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Storage is Key

For some, organizing is a fun, Sunday morning activity. For others, it can be like visiting your tax accountant. Regardless of which side of the fence you reside, organizing for multiples is an essential part of having a clean home and clear mind. We’ve put together a few great products and decorating swag we’re pining after lately. First up: the bedroom!

Depending on the age of your multiples, there are great newborn-toddler bed selections with a very important element — storage! Beds aren’t only meant to be slept in, and the storage below, behind, or beside the bed can clear the clutter and still look great. Bunks, trundles and built-ins are also great space-savers.

(photo: hitmasty)

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As a busy mom, you might have a hard time keeping your own closets organized. But, the tools of the trade are the same when organizing for the little ones. Again, think storage — for clothes, shoes, diapers, lotion, jackets — you name it. Interior shelving and on-the-door racks keeps closet organization crisp and easy.

(photo: personalorganizing)

(photo: personalorganizing)

(photo: realsimple)

Needs as Children Grow

As your child grows, creating a desk area or small workspace might be in your near future. With twins, think separate spaces. Whether multi-purpose — desk+seat+storage, or just classic wall organization — it makes a big difference!

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As important as shelving is inside the closet or under the bed, so to is it a crucial component to house books, toys and odds-and-ends that are on display in your kids’ bedroom. Light, airy and large, or as a piece worked into the decor — we love them all!

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Stay tuned for Part’s II & III when we tackle organizing the bathroom and playroom!

Do you have any pics of recent organization and/or renovating projects for your twins? Any cool, must-have organizing tools for the bedroom? All submissions can be sent to

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